UTV Decks Have A Short Box? OTC UTV Racks. BOOM.

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M-Line UTV Racks

Ultra Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame
Short or Long Box
10′ Telescopic Ramp
Polymer Glide in Ramp Tray
Custom Lengths Available
Under 250 lbs

M-Line UTV RacksLIfe's Good

Side by Sides are the tits.  Beer holders, comfy seats – ain’t nothin’ better.  Kind-of a pain in the ass if you have a short box pickup, though. 

Through-welding.  Laser table.  3D scanner.  

We take a lot of pride in what we build – because we know what it’s like to rely on our equipment so we can play.  

Paint-To-Match.  Powdercoat.  Aluminum.

Durable, sharp, and easy to install.  You can’t be a bitch if you’re gonna load a UTV, though.

Get Yours Now

You know you need one, you know you want one.  Put your order in today, and get yours before you take a torch to whatever you’re running now. 

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  • "Once You Go M-Line...."

    "Once You Go M-Line...."

    Hands down the best sled deck I've ever seen.  I'm going on 4 years and it looks brand new still!

    Derek Bromanchandi
  • "I'll never buy anything else"

    "I'll never buy anything else"

    I went through all the brands, Marathon, SilverLake, Mission, you name it.  After switching to an M-Line, I won't go back. 

    John Smith