• M-Line Industries

    Industry-leading sled decks, bumpers, and UTV racks.

  • Built In Western Canada

    Built From Scratch By Industry Leading Professionals

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  • Infiniboard

    Super Durable.

M-Line Pro Deck

M-Line Means Quality Untouchable. Unbreakable. Unreal.

Superior quality sled decks, bumpers, and other truck accessories to meet your needs for offroading, camping, work, and aesthetic purposes.  Built to the highest industry standards with state of the art technology, an M-Line product will keep you happy for years.

You Can Install It, Or We Can.

You can handle the install yourself if you’re a handy fella, or we can.  We have a wide group of dealers who are all trained and able to install your deck, bumper, or anything else MLine.  Each dealer has their own pricing schedule, but you’re probably looking at about $450 (for a deck) to get your rig road-ready.  

Do It Up.

Use your deck for quads, UTV, and sled?   Nice. We have a wide range of accessories for you to play with, including;

Wheel Buckets/Cradles
Headhache Racks
SuperClamps &Superglides